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About Us

About Us

Viability and Visibility

Our vision at Kavyam Affordable Housing is to combine the definition of signature planned housing with an urbane twist. At Kavyam, fine architecture and thoughtfully planned out landscaping are complemented by an open central boulevard that allows for a pictorial view. The view from the apartments where residents can soak in scenic beauty and cherish amenities boasts of fine architectural specifications and beds of green lawn. All this is made available for residents to redefine comfortable living on a budget! The surrounding neighbourhood adds to Kavyam's charm like not many housing projects in the region and the iconic design backed by sturdy construction stands still with time - creating a benchmark for visibility. .

Our homes are designed for an earth-friendly lifestyle:

Kavyam affordable housing is designed by and for those who care for our planet with a dedicated spirit. All elements utilized in the making of this eco-friendly housing development are nature friendly and are tested to cause zero harm to you and your loved ones. We have a longstanding practice of striving to maintain optimum environment friendly quality inside our housing premises. This practice has led us to ensure filling these premises with lush greenery that exhales fresh air and serenity.

We are a mix of professional and personal

At Kavyam Homes, we're known to pay deep attention to your point of view. That’s why we have defined a personal and professional space in every single home. Our residential units boost your space usage and visual access - all thanks to careful planning and thoughtful customization. The delightful mix of aesthetic sense and functionality ensures you enjoy the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Why Choose Us?


We at Kavyam don’t just believe in building homes but dreams that you have weaved and harbored for years. And so, we try our best to realize those dreams to reality. And in this journey of realizing dreams for more than a decade and a half, Kavyam has always ensured that your interest is our pursuit. As this is what has earned us the trust and satisfaction of more than 5000 families, making us one of nation’s major infrastructural developers and a renowned name among customers.


From beautifully landscaped aerial walkways, a garden in every apartment to more deep piles per building and the best materials, as we deliver all that interests our customers and complement their lifestyle. Apart from what is important to our customers, we also persistently focus on the things that they are ignorant of. It isour zeal to satisfy you, keeping in mind the minutest details of your interest that has today madeus country’s one of the most preferred names in the real estate industry.


Designed and developed by India’s leading architects, engineers and expert support personnel and backed by the best materials and technology available, our developments are driven by the inspiration drawn from the knowledge of consumers’ unique needs. And so, these communities are planned at par with world-class features like wide roads, by lanes, parking spaces, drainage systems, water supply, electrification, power transmission, waste disposal, landscaping, parks, sports complexes and secured & sensitized boundaries.

Ethics and Values

Kavyam has started on the primary belief that understanding the needs of the consumers is half the battle won. How we address those needs, discover the areas to improve and provide a bridge between dreams of futuristic ideas and realistic projects, is the basis of what we stand for, here at Kavyam. As a responsible and answerable part of the society, we have an ethical and trustworthy approach to business and make sure to consider how our actions impact everyone.